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Mulan: Rock your Girl Power.

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Hello sunshine! (yes you!) welcome to the wrap up of the His Princess series!This last blog is coming to you from the road. I've spent time praying about which princess i'd chose for the last blog, originally i thought i'd do snow white (the first of Disney's princesses) or Ariel (one of my favorites ..and she has killer red hair!;) then i tossed around the idea to use Aurora (sleeping beauty)..good lessons on temptation here!) but, after thought and prayer, ive decided to go with Mulan. Now, Mulan came out in 1998..the 8th "princess" to show up in the Disney princess franchise. Not one of the "original" Disney Princesses. Mulan is not a princess by blood nor does she marry a prince (she gets royal honors from the Emporer for her courage, bravery and sacrifice) I struggled with it a bit thinking I really wanted to stick to the "originals" but here's my feeble attempt at obedience & let's be real..Mulan is pretty rad, and totally shows #girlpower. 
In the story of Mulan, we see a young girl, who's giving her best attempt to protect her family and bring them honor.She sacrificially takes her fathers place in the (war) draft, by impersonating a "son" instead of his daughter. 
In the Old Testament  we learn of a woman who is a prophetess, judge of Israel ( a male dominated position) and a warrior. Deborah, known for her wisdom and courage, is the only woman of the old testament who gained renown on her own..Not because of her relationship to a man, but because of her bravery, strength, courage and wisdom. 
Like Deborah, Mulan shows courage, bravery, strength and holds a position that would have normally been male dominated, and maybe (probably!)even tough for a woman.
It's definitely more common now a days to see women going to war, as well as women rising and succeeding in male dominated areas. I think that it's great that a woman can show bravery, strength, courage and in Mulans case sacrifice. We live in a culture where it's okay for us girls to hang with the guys. It's socially acceptable for us to play hockey, do karate, box, be cops, etc etc. How cool is that us girls can now do that kind of stuff? We have opportunities to prove that women can actually be successful outside of the kitchen 
As some of you know I was one signature away from joining the USAF, so believe me when I say I'm all for that type of "girl power".. but it's also important to not lose our femininity . and who we are as women in God. Our culture is drastically meshing the lines of men and women. Everywhere now a days, we see the lines of gender being blurred.. make up for men is on the rise with whole make up lines dedicated to them, you walk into any trendy clothing store..and they have boyfriend cut jeans and blazers for girls.  Don't get me wrong, I think its fine for a girl to rock a pant suit and cute blazer..but let's do it with confidence as a woman..not because we want to be like a man. Our culture is drilling it into our heads that it doesn't matter what sex you are.. the media is saying men have to be more sensitive, more feminine etc.. which is fine.. if a guy wants to carry a man purse..go for it. but don't lose your masculinity. 
God made us different. thats just how it goes.. we should be excited about that and embrace the differences! We should be appreciative of the other sex! lets remember who God made us and why. 
Girl power isn't about trying to be like the guys or trying to prove to them that girls can do it better. It's about celebrating who we are as women and being proud of that. Being proud of who God made us to be..

I've defined "Girl Power" once, in my intro blog. I'm going to share that again with you. 
Girl-a young female.
Power-“dunamai”(greek)- to be able; to be capable of; to have strength

Contrary to the sometimes joked about competition between boy and girl power, Girl Power has nothing to do with the ideology of "women can do what men do, but better." It is about girls answering the call their heavenly father.
Girl Power is the true, God given strength to be a girl. The might, capability and adequacy God created within us(females) so that we would be fully equipped to be able to fulfill our roles as godly women, wives, mothers and examples to other women. It’s the strength to not conform to what the world says “girl power” is or to what society says the “perfect” woman should act like, look like and be like.

Girl Power is the holy spirit dwelling within us, enabling us to act with power. The same power we gained when God placed the Holy Spirit inside of us through salvation. Without God, we are powerless, limited & weak. When we allow the Holy Spirit to reach into the deepest depths of our soul and being,we can overcome anything-even death, because we have the power of the Holy Spirit inside of us.

Girl Power is for any girl who has ever had to power through a storm. Any girl who can SEE God’s grace and how he’s held her hand through times of trial. It’s for the girl who trusts in God so much, she CAN do anything. It’s having your confidence rooted in God & not allowing that to waiver. Allowing yourself to feel beautiful, competent, and worth it. It’s embracing everything that God has created you to be, enabled you to be and wants you to be, as his daughter. It's a God given insight, a God given way of seeing life. And it's available to everygirl.
How are you living out a life full of God given girl power? 
Love you beautiful sisters! New series coming next week! Stay Tuned!

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