Thursday, 17 January 2013

Growing Pains.

Let’s reminisce for a bit… 

When I was a kid, my dad enrolled me in piano lessons and put me in choir. I REALLLLLY wanted to play drums.  I begged him to let me be a little drummer girl, but he firmly said, " Just like my father told me, first you can learn how to play piano, & then you can learn to play drums”.
I remember sitting in the elementary school choir stands at our winter performance. I was all dressed up in my white shirt, black skirt, tights and Mary Jane’s... singing while gazing at the little boys and girls whose parents DID let them play drums. They looked SO cool. I couldn't understand how playing the piano could be that important. Frustrated and confused, I reluctantly went to piano lessons, and didn't argue much with dad about it. Fast forward ten years, and I couldn't be more grateful for my dad’s persistence and wisdom. Playing piano was key in my learning to play bass, which ended up being my tool for ministry years later. I learned to read music, I learned about scales, keys, chord charts, octaves, transitions etc.. all of which I needed to know for playing the bass. The drums wouldn’t have prepared me the way piano did. My dad knew that by making the piano a priority it would make learning other instruments come more naturally. 

When I was a teenager, I was on the swim team. I loved swim team.  One night I came home from school and got ready for practice, just to find out that I wasn’t going. Dad said I had “lost my privilege to go” , because I didn’t do my chores as I was told. So, as if missing practice wasn’t “punishment” was learning how to iron. REALLY?? I was like 12! I didn’t want to iron my dad’s work shirts! I remember sitting there, totally irritated, and in awe that my dad was USING me to iron his work clothes.. geez!  Dad always seemed to have the weirdest things up his sleeve. He made me spend our flight layovers practicing changing gates at airports, he made me learn to pump gas WAY before I was eligible for a driver’s license.. I remember that one clearly.. He said, ”Talia, a car is two things…a weapon, and an expense!” How was that relevant to pumping gas in the cold?!

I have no idea..

However, I do know that in ALL of those situations, I can NOW see that my dad’s actions were thought out and for my benefit. As frustrated as I was, as much as I thought my dad was trying to make me miserable, as much as I didn’t understand then… I understand now.  I am so thankful that I learned to play piano, it has set me up to understand music so much better than I could have imagined. I am so thankful I learned how to iron…now I can iron my husband’s shirts! #wifestatus   Switching gates at an airport has been WAY more useful than I could have ever hoped.  I have spent the majority of my young life, traveling by plane. I can maneuver my way around ANY airport…even ATL &LAX! ;)

Reminiscing aside.. We can see how God does this for us too.
As our heavenly father, He wants what’s best for us. He is always looking out for us, going before us and preparing us with the skills we will need in the future. We don’t always see it in the current season- that He is absolutely equipping us, preparing us and getting us ready for the next step, and seasons to come. At times we can become frustrated with His timing, or how we are being taught. It isn’t until later that we see and finally appreciate that our heavenly father had our best interests in mind, and was helping to prepare us. If we can start trusting in Him more, we can start being thankful sooner.  Thankful for His provision, His guidance, His wisdom.  He loves us, and is eager to mature us, we just need to trust in Him.

 I encourage you to take a moment and truly thank Him for the season He currently has you in, and TRUST that He is teaching you, growing you and that He is WITH you. Even if you can't always feel it.  I’m praying that you find comfort in His plan and His timing. Because, it is far better than anything we could plan on our own. && Please know, if you ever need prayer, or someone to confide in you can find me here, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

xo. & #girlpower

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

IntRo: grace.giggles & #GiRlPoweR.

As I start back up my blogging, I've decided to start fresh. It seemed appropriate as I've just entered this new season of marriage, living in a new country and taking a few months off from touring. Through this blog we'll tackle honest and REAL issues we, as godly women, deal with. I'll post about things that are close to my heart & challenges that I've faced, in hopes that it can somehow encourage you. I'll probably talk lots about life currently, post pictures & blogs about the adventures of marriage with my best friend.. etc. All in all, my hope is that this blog can be a place where you can find encouragement, accountability, spiritual growth, love & fellowship.<3

So, Why "Grace, Giggles & Girl Power."? 

I decided on the title, because I wanted something that would best express what this blog is about. Grace: definitely something I am familiar with. I don't know how many times I've pictured God up there, just laughing..or at times probably crying, as we put our palms to our foreheads & say, "C'mon (*insert your name*), REALLLY?". I'm sure some of you have had those moments too. It's okay though, because we serve a merciful and gracious God. Grace is the goodness of God that we haven't earned..and we definitely don't deserve. Giggles: Cause lets be real.. as girls sometimes we forget that its okay  to laugh at ourselves, and to not always try and read between the lines. Plus, isn't it a proven fact that laughter is the best medicine? #GirlPower. you've seen me hashtag it, post girl power pics, seen the #girlpower group that was made on fb...but do you really understand what girl power is? Cause it's far more than a trending topic.

 Let’s break it down..

Girl-a young female.

Power-“dunamai”(greek)- to be able; to be capable of; to have strength

Contrary to the sometimes joked about competition between boy and girl power, Girl Power has nothing to do with the ideology of "women can do what men do, but better." It is about girls answering the call their heavenly father.

Girl Power is the true, God given strength to be a girl. The might, capability and adequacy God created within us(females) so that we would be fully equipped to be able to fulfill our roles as godly women, wives, mothers and examples to other women. It’s the strength to not conform to what the world says “girl power” is or to what society says the “perfect” woman should act like, look like and be like.

Girl Power is the holy spirit dwelling within us, enabling us to act with power. The same power we gained when God placed the Holy Spirit inside of us through salvation. Without God, we are powerless, limited & weak. When we allow the Holy Spirit to reach into the deepest depths of our soul and being,we can overcome anything-even death, because we have the power of the Holy Spirit inside of us.

Girl Power is for any girl who has ever had to power through a storm. Any girl who can SEE God’s grace and how he’s held her hand through times of trial. It’s for the girl who trusts in God so much, she CAN do anything. It’s having your confidence rooted in God & not allowing that to waiver. Allowing yourself to feel beautiful, competent, and worth it. It’s embracing everything that God has created you to be, enabled you to be and wants you to be, as his daughter. It's a God given insight, a God given way of seeing life. And it's available to every girl.